Extended Reach that Fits in a Van

The new Middle MAX™ Menace from Matthews Studio Equipment answers the need for unparalleled booming capabilities in a versatile, simple to use support that travels fully assembled inside a standard cargo van. Based on the same principals as the original Academy Technical Award-winning MAX Menace Arm®, Middle MAX is built to accommodate the rise of smaller production vehicles among image makers.

With a payload capacity of 150-lbs./68kg (80-lbs./36kg when fully extended) Middle MAX can arm into most locations to hold lights, reflectors, cameras or set dressing from its own compact base. In addition, it extends up to 5.49m/18-ft high and can lower to 1.83m/6-ft below grade. Middle MAX makes it possible to boom 36kg/80-lbs. while extended 3.66m/12-ft parallel to the ceiling! This discreet support tucks neatly into a corner and counterbalances weight via two legs that are securely attached to the base for standard weight plates.

Prioritizing convenience of movement, Middle MAX features a hand truck-style steering handle and oversized 10”x3” puncture-proof tires to navigate studio floors or rugged terrain. For expanded usefulness, the self-leveling head accommodates 3 lock-off or fixed positions— Down/Up/Out as well as a self-leveling feature. The Middle MAX can be safely rocked back dolly-style by one user.

Due to its extremely stable base in closed position, moving Middle MAX over cables, carpet, cracks, dips and bumps is a breeze. At day’s end, Middle MAX’s loading height is just 162.5cm/64-in, for an easy fit into a 1-ton or similar sized vehicle.

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