Peli™ watertight, crushproof equipment cases and ruggedised packaging solutions were on display at stand C64. Peli Cases are used extensively by broadcast industry professionals like documentary TV cameraman, Jonathan Young.

The latest of Simon Reeve’s epic adventures “Wilderness” has once again challenged Jonathon Young filming in the most remote, wild areas on earth.  Relying on Peli cases to protect and transport his valuable camera kit for the last 20 years, Jonathan has worked in the most inhospitable and sometimes downright dangerous locations throughout the world, including war torn Afghanistan and Gaza

Fundamental Kit

“Peli cases are fundamental for me in the success of trips like this. Broken kit on arrival means no filming, hail the Peli cases!”

Jonathan embarked on this shoot to the depths of the Congo rainforest with several new Peli Air cases; these have been designed and engineered to maintain the same level of durability but reduce the weight of each case by up to 40 percent.  Air cases are waterproof and crushproof and offer additional sizes to the Peli Protector and Peli Storm case lines.

Jonathan explained ” I have been a Peli case user since 1997. They have been my go-to choice for my tv camera kit for years. Virtually all my Peli cases are now Peli Airs. The weight saving per case in terms of the costs associated with excess baggage on airlines has constantly paid dividends. As well as the costs savings from lighter cases, the strain on me and those assisting me has lessened.

The new Air range has taken every single journey I have made across various remote parts of the globe, housing my camera kit in its stride. I had worried at first that the cases might be too thin. My fears were unfounded. The cases I have used, they have taken every beating and battering baggage handlers, airports, rough tracks in pickups and the exposure to the elements.  They have done exactly what they were supposed to do.”

More cases with integral wheels and pull up handles has meant load ins and outs of sets and locations is so much quicker. In TV, we are constantly trying to buy ourselves more time. On my most recent trip with Simon Reeve, Wilderness for BBC to Congo, my range of Peli Airs was seriously put to the test. As always, my Pelis have passed the ultimate test yet again. International travel by air to and from Africa, baggage handlers in airports, cases then thrown around into the back of open pickups for nearly a 1000km on red dirt roads, then by open boat for hours along Congo’s vast river network and then being hauled into the edge of the dense Congo forest jungles. (And back again along the same route:) Not one broken latch, not one particle of the ubiquitous red dust or drop of water inside on my kit. If Peli brewed beer, they would take the title from the world famous Danish brewery ….. Probably. They already make the best protective cases in the world. ”

The Peli Air range is now available in 20 sizes with colour choices for many models.  New Press and pull latches have recently been introduced and are being rolled out across the range.

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