Making its debut at the Media Production & Technology Show 2024, Tooting Film Studios founder Davide Lorente joked that they had the smallest stand at the show, but it was precisely their compact size that made them a unique player on London’s production scene.

“In the last year, there’s been a lot of industry chatter about the major studio expansion in the regions and outer London areas but we pride ourselves on being an efficient, bespoke studio – right here in the capital – that can easily adapt to the needs of independent filmmakers, TV productions and the exploding area of short form content-makers, who are all looking for an affordable but nimble space to shoot their projects”.

With a state-of-the-art 850 sqft film soundproof studio (a rare feature within the city limits), that’s been lauded by BAFTA-winning sound engineers as ‘a rare gem in London’, with both white screen and green screen options. Lorente says Tooting Film Studios has the versatility to get a diverse range of projects shot, under one roof.

“In just over a year, we’ve had such a wide variety of clients, from smaller brands and independent filmmakers, all the way to major streaming platforms and broadcasters; all of whom benefit from the ease and efficiency of our set-up”.

Tooting Film Studios is also uniquely situated, operating out of one of South London’s most vibrant areas, making it a handy destination for those who don’t want to travel significantly North or East of the Capital, or outside of the M25.

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