Zille Media is proud to announce the launch of its recently developed Audio Description Editor, a solution designed to elevate accessibility standards in the media industry. This innovative tool comes as a response to growing client demands and anticipates the implementation of more rigorous accessibility regulations in the UK, US, and Europe.

In 2023 Zille Media secured a Creative Catalyst grant from Innovate UK, the UK government innovation agency, for the development of this transformative technology. The culmination of collaborative efforts between Zille Media and Motion Picture Solutions (MPS), a leading films services company based in London, UK, has resulted in the creation of a comprehensive and intuitive AD Editor.

The launch of the new editor is in line with Zille Media’s attainment of the prestigious TPN Gold Shield status. As such, the Zille Platform is now positioned to offer unparalleled standards of innovation, security, and efficiency for media localisation and accessibility technology, all in one place.

The AD Editor, which is nestled within the greater environment of the cloud-native Zille Platform, is complemented by a full suite of technology for project management, collaboration, AI assistance and outsourcing workflows. It also accompanies the existing Zille Subtitle Editor, ensuring subtitles and AD can be commissioned and delivered in one.

Offering a user-friendly and powerful interface, the new Audio Description Editor is streamlining the process for project managers, script writers and voice actors, and now offers cutting-edge technology to accessibility professionals. As such, Zille Media is fulfilling their promise of making it both easy and pleasant for everyone involved to do their work.

Idunn Sofie Riise, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Zille Media, commented:

“We are thrilled to introduce the Zille Audio Description Editor to the market, fulfilling the needs of our clients and addressing the evolving landscape of accessibility requirements. The collaboration with MPS has been invaluable, and we are very grateful indeed for their dedication and time throughout the development journey. Our thanks also go out to Innovate UK for their support.”

Stephane Zamparo, Head of Subtitling and Accessibility Services at MPS, shared his thoughts:

“It’s been wonderful to be working with an innovative company such as Zille Media, one who believes as strongly as we do in making all media accessible to everybody.

MPS scripts and records hundreds of hours of AD for both films and trailers each year. We are always looking for technological enhancements to support our customers get their films in front of as many people as possible.”