• Adds off-air reception to MwareTV Set-top box
  • Seamless viewing experience across IPTV, OTT and local ATSC 3.0 channels in one app
  • Television as a Service: more than 200 national and regional channels in one contract

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 9 April 2024: MwareTV, a prominent cloud-based multi-tenant platform provider, has integrated local ATSC 3.0 channels into its television platform to provide an enhanced offering. Viewers can now enjoy a seamless experience that combines both national and local channels in one MwareTV app, allowing audiences to access a wide range of content, including local broadcasts, all in one place.

MwareTV is unique in providing the technology platform for IPTV and OTT services with the option of a ready-licensed package of VoD and live television channels. This gives operators a single source and a single contract for Television as a Service.

To complete the offering and recognizing that viewers value local television services for news, weather and public information, MwareTV has developed a simple way to integrate them into the platform. The Set-top box (STB) receives the ATSC 3.0 signal off air and seamlessly inserts local channels into the channel list in the user interface. Channels can be selected to watch live and added to favourites.

“Through our implementations around the world we know that offering a high quality television service builds revenues, customer satisfaction and loyalty,” said MwareTV CEO Sander Kerstens. “By offering the content alongside the technology, we make it simple and fast to get services up and running – as little as four weeks from contract signature to going live.

“Now we can offer local television channels off-air, fully integrated into our user experience,” Kerstens continued. “It completes the offering for consumers, with local, national and international television channels, and it keeps them happily engaged with the service.”

The MwareTV cloud-native technology architecture supports delivery to all the widely used platforms for computers, tablets, smart TVs and set-top boxes. The company offers its own range of STBs, based on AndroidTV or AOSP (Android Open Source Project) operating systems.

In all cases, service providers are free to create their own bespoke user interface look and feel with App Builder, using simple drag-and-drop tools with no need for any coding or design experience. Branding is maintained across the service, reflecting the identity and values of the operating company to reinforce subscriber loyalty.

Because all the core functionality of the MwareTV platform is cloud-hosted, users can quickly establish a service with virtually no capital investment. Operating expenditure of the service is directly tied to the number of subscribers and therefore revenue, so operators pay as they see the successful service grow.

The new local television service will be featured on MwareTV’s booth at NAB2024 (booth W3558). More information can be found at mwaretv.com.


About MwareTV

MwareTV is the world’s leading cloud-based multi-tenant TV platform. MwareTV offers unique solutions split into six building blocks: Broadcast, Delivery, Management, Audience, Devices and Licensing. MwareTV brings an advanced well integrated platform with ease of use for your entire broadcast operation, be it for traditional TV or next-gen multiscreen platforms. MwareTV has deployments in over 25 countries, enabling TV networks to launch, manage, and monetize anywhere in the world. MwareTV has offices in Amsterdam, Thailand, Brazil, India. For more information, visit https://www.mwaretv.com.