Bingen, Germany, 26 September 2023: Broadcast Solutions, one of Europe’s largest media systems integration groups, has successfully installed its innovative hi human interface system into RTVE’s largest outside broadcast truck, which is operated by the Spanish national broadcaster. This state-of-the-art system has already been deployed in other vehicles within RTVE’s fleet, proving its reliability and effectiveness. The hi human interface, supplied to RTVE by Unitecnic, Broadcast Solutions’ partner in Spain, introduces a fresh and intuitive approach to systems control through its user-friendly graphical interface.

The hi human interface revolutionizes systems control in several ways. Firstly, it leverages auto-discovery and template-based configuration technologies to significantly reduce the installation and set-up workload. During the initial installation in a 24-camera truck with advanced production capabilities, commissioning was completed in less than two days. Additionally, c provided comprehensive technical training to the RTVE operational team.

Secondly, hi human interface offers a familiar environment for users. With its simple graphical user interface, anyone comfortable with a smartphone can seamlessly manage complex productions, overseeing all the equipment in the outside broadcast chain. Furthermore, hi effortlessly detects, manages, and controls Dante, NDI and SMPTE 2110 networks within the same user-friendly environment.

Built on a modern distributed software architecture, hi human interface is compatible with almost any platform. For the largest OB trucks in RTVE’s outside broadcast fleet, redundancy is ensured through a high availability three server cluster, while control can be hosted on any devices using standard web browser technology.

The first truck equipped with hi human interface is already in service, successfully handling major television hits such as Los Premios Goya and Benidorm Fest, as well as large-scale sporting events. Initially, RTVE and Unitecnic’s contract covered three trucks, while a second contract is now in place for an additional five.

According to RTVE, hi human interface has greatly simplified the delivery of rapid changes in configuration between vastly different productions, making it the ideal solution for their OB vans needs.

Humphrey Hoch, hi human interface product manager said, “hi human interface, is a revolutionary control system that goes beyond conventional solutions. Designed to make work easier for individuals, hi human interface allows for effortless configuration and requires minimal training. With this groundbreaking system, users can fully focus on their work without the fear of complex systems.”

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