The Future of Lighting in Filmmaking: Fiilex’s G3 Color-LR Hits the UK Market

By Richard Inman 

The film industry is on the brink of a lighting revolution with the introduction of Fiilex’s G3 Color-LR, a 90W full-color ellipsoidal that promises to redefine cinematic lighting. This highly anticipated tool, which has been creating buzz in the filmmaking community, is now confirmed to be available for purchase through Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd, the UK Distributor.

At the forefront of the G3 Color-LR’s innovation is its high-CRI white light output, adjustable from 2000-10000K. This spectrum versatility is crucial for achieving natural and nuanced lighting, essential in capturing the true colors and mood of each scene.

The device’s advanced color modes, including 8 and 16-bit options such as CCTRGBW, CCTHSI, CIExy, and more, allow for unprecedented control over color rendering. This feature is a boon for filmmakers who need to fine-tune their color palette to fit the narrative’s tone.

Durability is also a key strength of the G3, evidenced by its IP-X5 water-resistant rating. This robustness makes it an ideal choice for outdoor shoots and challenging environments.

User-friendliness is evident in the G3’s design. The yoke allows for easy PSU or battery mounting, simplifying on-set logistics. The razor-sharp cuts and 360-degree rotating barrel enable precise lighting shaping, adding depth and drama to each shot.

The integrated LumenRadio offers wireless control, reducing set clutter and enhancing flexibility. For traditional setups, there’s also the option for hardline DMX via an XLR-5 adapter.

The G3’s various DMX-controllable fan modes, including Full, Auto, Silent, and Off, cater to different shooting requirements, ensuring optimal performance without disturbing the audio quality.

Fiilex’s attention to practicality is evident in the G3’s compact design, making it easy to conceal on crowded sets. The smooth and sharp dimming modes provide additional creative control, essential for achieving the desired visual impact.

With its launch and availability through Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd, the G3 Color-LR is poised to become an indispensable tool for filmmakers. It’s not just a lighting device; it’s a commitment to innovation and quality from Fiilex, enabling filmmakers to push the boundaries of visual storytelling.