Swiss engineer and location sound recordist Bernard Seidler has upgraded his audio equipment by investing in a Prim Sound Dream ADA-128 modular conversion system. The new unit will replace two Prism Sound ADA-8XR converters that he has owned for over 20 years.

“When I buy a product, I want it to last,” he says. “Parting with my ADA-8XRs will be painful because they still work perfectly well, but after many years of loyal service it was time to look at today’s converters and take advantage of developments in that field. I wanted to stick with Prism Sound because I’ve always appreciated the audio and build quality of its products. My new ADA-128 is really perfect and I think the same care has been taken with its construction as with the ADA-8XR.”

Based near Geneva, Seidler mainly works in broadcast, recording audio for Télévision Suisse Romande (RTS) and for small production companies. His projects range from news to more elaborate magazine programmes and documentaries such as the programme on the life of renowned Swiss sociologist Bernard Crettaz, which he recorded for Troubadour Films, and more recently a documentary on an innovative palliative care centre run by volunteers. He has also had a 20-year working relationship with Argentinian conductor Roberto Sawicki who leads the Geneva-based l’orchestre de Lancy-Genève chamber orchestra, and records two or three of their concerts a year for release on CD and the orchestra’s website.

“My recording set up is designed to be portable so it can be easily transported to different venues,” he says. “I have a Pro Tools HDX recorder and a selection of microphones and various preamps from Manley, Millennia and Summit, but at the heart of my set up is Prism Sound conversion – everything passes through it. I don’t have a mixing console so if I need to record, the converter acts both as an AD interface to Pro Tools or other applications on my computer and as a DA to listen to the recording or mix. Without it, I couldn’t do anything. It’s a vital part of my system.”

Designed as both a modular conversion system and a high-performance, networkable audio distribution and processing system, Prism Sound’s Dream ADA-128 offers up to 128 channels of 32-bit A/D and D/A conversion at sample rates of up to 768kHz. Its flexible 2RU mainframe that can be fitted with up to 16 analogue and digital IO modules (each of which nominally provides eight input or output ports, or both). Up to four host modules provide bidirectional multi-channel connections to host computers, workstations, networks etc, with the ADA-128 providing free routing between all of these inputs and outputs under detailed user control, as well as a wide range of processing functions.

Seidler says he is impressed by the design of the Dream ADA-128, which is quiet enough to have in the same room without being disturbed. He also likes it small footprint, which is important for someone working with a portable setup.

“My 32-input/16-output ADA-128 has allowed me to replace all of my ADA-8XRs and save on the purchase of racks and space for transport, not to mention a lot of effort in terms of loading and unloading,” he says. “What’s more, with the DANTE, MADI and soon to be released Mic/Line interfaces, I’ll only need one rack and a few accessories when I’m on the move,” he says. “The DANTE and MADI interfaces will also allow me to integrate with other systems in the future, which I couldn’t do with the ADA-8XRs.”

Bernard Seidler is currently using his Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 to digitise the extensive vinyl collection he has been building since he was in his teens.

“I’m enjoying getting to grips with it and seeing what it can do,” he says. “I owned ADA-8XRs for almost 20 years and they always worked perfectly, despite being regularly moved around. The company’s products are reliable, long-lasting tools and I have no doubt that my new Dream ADA-128 will stand me I good stead for at least another 20 years.”


About Prism Sound
Founded in 1987, Prism Sound manufacture professional digital audio equipment for the international broadcast, film and music production sectors. The company’s products are renowned for their exceptional audio quality and are the converters and interfaces of choice for many of the world’s top artists, producers, composers, mixing and mastering engineers. They are also the mainstay of many internationally acclaimed audio facilities including Metropolis Studios, Sony, ESPN, the Library of Congress and Walt Disney. Prism Sound also produces SADiE audio production workstation software, which is used by major national broadcasters such as the BBC and Radio France, as well as many of the world’s leading mastering houses and classical and live music recording engineers.

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