Videosys Broadcast is celebrating the season of goodwill by announcing a range of new features for its camera control products including its flagship Epsilon 4K base station Camera Control Unit (CCU).

The leading manufacturer and supplier of quality camera control systems, RF links and camera backs to outside broadcast providers, Videosys Broadcast has years of experience of developing innovative solutions precisely addressing customer requirements.

“We pay close attention to customer feedback,” says Videosys Broadcast’s Managing Director Colin Tomlin. “We often implement customer suggested features and improvements, dramatically speeding up their production workflows. Customer demand was a key reason why Videosys Broadcast integrated TSL TallyMan protocols into its camera control systems, supporting both tally and UMD data.”

One such customer is EMG Connectivity, whose Technical Director Martin Brosthaus welcomes this innovation, adding that it is especially useful for more complex camera setups or for remote production where equipment is often distributed over different areas, or even countries.

“When introducing wireless camera systems into a broadcast workflow, our aim is always to make the integration as smooth and flexible as possible,” he explains. “In an ideal case the user will not notice any difference in operation or behaviour between a cabled and a wireless camera. With their seamless integration of major camera manufacturers’ control panels with bidirectional data, VideoSys play an important part in achieving this goal. The addition of the TSL Tallyman protocol to the VideoSys IDU has taken this approach to another level. Moving the tally signalling into the IP domain eliminates the need for dedicated tally cabling, which reduces clutter and increases flexibility. Also beneficial is the dynamic naming of IDU camera channels using the UMD information from the TSL Tallyman protocol.”

New customers can access the feature immediately, while existing customers can add TallyMan control to their systems via a free software upgrade.

Videosys has also introduced remote control of the AEON-CC and STX-CC transmitters via the web GUI on the IDU and the Epsilon Radio Camera Systems. This innovation significantly expands Videosys remote control capabilities and ease of use. Users can remotely control key functions such as transmit frequencies from the comfort of their Master Control Room or Outside Broadcast van.

“TX control gives users the ability to access status information directly from the transmitter on the IDU or Epsilon control panel and change features such as videolink frequency and power output control remotely,” says Arnold Roozenburg, Sales and Marketing Director for Videosys Broadcast.

Finally for 2023 Videosys now offers uni and bi-directional Ethernet control for Sony’s FX9 cameras. Due to is compact design and use of prime lenses, this camera has enjoyed widespread use in light entertainment and sport applications. With this addition to the Videosys camera control users can realise full control of the FX9 in a radio-camera operational mode.

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