Founded in 1997, Wisycom SRL is renowned for the durability, flexibility and reliability of its products, which range from wireless microphone systems, wireless in-ear monitors (IEM) and interruptible foldbacks (IFB) to distributed antennae systems, RF-over-fiber and more. The company prides itself on serving as a technical advisor and partner to every customer. Wisycom’s success can be traced to a strategic plan to develop and manufacture only the highest quality audio systems. This design process is driven by attention to detail, customer feedback and top-of-the-line components.

“International TV and radio broadcasters, audio operators and sound engineers have known for decades that Wisycom is a true partner, ready to offer consistent support for any project, anywhere in the world,” says Massimo Polo, CEO of Wisycom SRL. “From custom design to evaluation and dimensioning of systems, the Wisycom team stands by its customers through every step of the process.”

Key in these efforts are the company’s advanced manufacturing facilities in Tombolo, Italy, as well as its commitment to growth and expansion of its technical resources. Wisycom’s distribution and market support has evolved to introduce and establish its products in new territories across Asia, Europe and North America.

Earlier this year, Wisycom announced a corporate restructuring aimed at enhancing its business. Among the changes was the opening of its new U.S.-based facility, Wisycom Inc., which gives the company a larger and more active channel into the Americas and provides customers in the region a more direct connection to the brand’s sales, support and administrative personnel. “Wisycom has grown tremendously in the United States, especially over the past year, and we found these changes necessary to help nurture and expand our business,” adds Polo.

The new Wisycom Inc. facility and warehouse are larger than the previous location, which has allowed the company to add more technical support staff, expand customer service and ensure a faster turnaround time for repairs. Additionally, Wisycom Inc. is situated along the mid-Atlantic, positioning the team ideally between Wisycom SRL homebase in Italy and customers throughout the country―including on the Pacific coast.

“These changes provide us with the opportunity to have a larger and more active channel in the Americas,” says John Kowalski, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wisycom Inc. “With our experienced staff in place, we are better equipped to respond to customer needs and have a more efficient support process. We look forward to the opportunity to further our market support with key partners and distributors of Wisycom products, as well as working with our sales partners in neighboring territories to help Wisycom grow here in the states and around the world.”

As a worldwide leader in designing and building the most sophisticated RF solutions for broadcast, film and live production, Wisycom develops products that are now seen and heard on the top touring shows and performance venues, as well as most major broadcast studios and sporting facilities around the world. What’s more, the brand’s distribution systems allow productions to expand wireless systems coverage, which opens the possibilities of storytelling in ways previously unavailable.

Wisycom wireless IEM systems are a top choice among major global performers, who call on the brand’s solutions for exceptional audio quality and operating range. In fact, nearly every major act has switched or is planning to switch to Wisycom wireless IEM systems. Included among these solutions are the MPR50-IEM True Diversity Wideband Receiver, MTK982 Dual Wideband Transmitter and CSI16T/W Transmitter Combiner, among other pieces.

Additionally, the brand’s wireless microphone systems are in use on major broadcast and film productions across the globe. Wisycom has led this market with industry-first products like the MCR54 Four-channel, True Diversity, Multiband Receiver; MRK16 Modular, Wireless Microphone Receiver; and MTP61 Miniature Bodypack Transmitter.

No matter your wireless audio needs, Wisycom solutions deliver — with compliance that meets all global standards and certification requirements. More information can be found at www.wisycom.com.

Pictured (l to r): Geoff Baynard, Product Marketing Manager, Wisycom, Inc.; John Kowalski, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Wisycom, Inc.; Massimo Polo, CEO of Wisycom SRL; Enzo Frigo, R&D Manager, Wisycom SRL; Leslie Lello, Product Specialist, Wisycom SRL; Cheryl Colvin, Bookkeeper, Wisycom, Inc.; and Marcos Nieves, Vice President of Operations, Wisycom, Inc.